100th day

Today I threw out Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I bought this maybe a decade ago for my husband. I wanted him to realise how men and women think differently. He never read it. Today is also my birthday.

Yesterday I gave away a book of Nigerian folk tales. There was a time in my mid 20s to mid 40s that I collected children’s books. I bought this in one of the 2nd hand bookshops in London. I love those shops! Could spend hours in them.

On the 6th, I gave away Agikuya folk tales. Living in Asia, African stories seem exotic. Sad to say, there was always something else I wanted to read so I never got round to read it.

On the 5th, I gave away a book about St Theresa of Avila. I feel bad doing this but I doubt I’d read it so might as well pass it to someone who will.

From 4th – 1st June, I gave away Unearthly, An abundance of Katherines, The inlet and A lick of Frost. I like young adult fiction though I’m no longer a young adult. I guess it lets me dream.

On Wed 31st May, I gave away a bridesmaid dress that I wore in my 20s. It’s a lovely violet dress in Thai silk. I kept thinking there’ll be another chance to wear it but it’s way too tight for me now!

From 30th to 23rd May, I threw away old winter clothes- a kids’ jacket, a low cut jumper, a stripy jumper, kids thermal, thermal pants, a pair of leather gloves that must have shrunk because I can’t put my hands in them anymore, a pair of washed out gloves and 1 single glove.

wedding dinner

On 22nd May I gave away the green dress I bought for my wedding more than 2 decades ago. It was very expensive and I looked very sophisticated in it. I had saved it hoping I would be slim enough to wear it again but alas, this is not going to happen.

On the 21st, I gave away an unused leather backpack my husband bought for me decades ago which I never used because the empty bag itself is too heavy.

On 19th and 20th, I threw away 2 half used miniature perfume. I have this thing about using something up before I discard it. But I took so long, these 2 bottles were literally decaying before my eyes.

On 18th May, I threw away colourful plastic hair clips. I bought them in my early 40s because they made me look young. Now at 55, I think they make me look demented.



78th day

Today, I threw away a jewelled hair clip which I used to use for formal functions. I normally didn’t have time (nor interest) to do much to my hair so it came really handy! Just clipping my hair at the back suddenly made me look a bit more glamourous. I bought it maybe 10 years ago. I haven’t used it in ages mainly because I haven’t gone out to such such functions in ages. Then the other day I noticed it looked tired. I could see the in-between parts were yellowing.

Yesterday I threw away an old thermal top. I bought this probably 1 -2 decades ago before Uniqlo existed! It’s woollen, heavy duty and still usable though a bit itchy. I was saving it in case we went on a winter holiday. There’s never enough thermals for all of us on a winter holiday. But I realise the kids will never wear it. And honestly, with Heat tech weighing 1/10th of this China made thermal, I don’t want to wear it too.

On 15th May, I threw away a yellow oriental pouch. I think I’ve only used it once but oriental design isn’t quite my style. By the way, when I say “throw away”, this includes recycling/donation to the poor.

oriental pouch
Oriental pouch

On 14th May, I threw away the fur trim of my kid’s winter jacket which I had already given away!

On 13th May, I got rid of another pair of old glasses.

The strange thing is all this minimising/throwing away is actually helping. A few nights ago, when I couldn’t sleep, I started thinking about what I could throw away. I visualised different parts of my house, the boxes in my attic to see what could be gotten rid of and the process was calming. I fell asleep thinking about it. Much better than counting sheep.

73rd day

Today I threw away 3 fridge magnets. They gave 10 to my daughter to sell when she was in the school but we only managed to sell 4. I kept 3 for the girls, 1 each.

Yesterday I threw away 2 clay decorative alphabets M and D – the kind you stick on bedroom doors. We bought these about 10 years ago when we still shopped as a family. We bought an alphabet for each of us including ‘M’ for our helper Mary but she didn’t want it. ‘D’ was meant for me but I didn’t know where to put it.

On Wednesday, I threw away an airline toothbrush. We have so many of these which I’ve been saving.

On the 70th day, Tuesday, I threw away 2 of those free hotel hair brushes which I’d also been saving. But none of my kids want them for their holidays.

On 8th May, I threw away a glass perfume bottle given to my eldest daughter which she has never wanted but which I kept because it was pretty.

On 7th May, I threw away a pretty clay angel statue. Again this was a gift to the same daughter. I guess she’s not much into decorations.

On 6th May, I threw away a bottle of shampoo I had left behind in a bathroom I no longer use.

66th day

Today I threw away an eyebrow remover thingy. I bought it maybe 5 years ago thinking it’ll be so easy to shape my brows but in the end I never used it because it looked so complicated.

Yesterday, I threw away this tube of moisturiser I purposely bought for a winter trip to New York maybe 6 years ago.

On Wed 3rd May I threw away a pink sleeveless singlet. I used to like wearing it because it made me feel sexy.

On Tue, I threw away a wallet which was probably more than 10 years old. It had mould on it. I used it for travelling so I wouldn’t have to empty whatever current wallet I was using.

On 1st May, I threw away Calamine lotion I bought for Isa when she was about 9 or 10. During those days, haha even now, her skin is terribly sensitive and she’d get rashes often.

On Sunday, I threw away insect repellant that was almost used up.

On 29th April, the 60th day, I threw away 2 tubes of Lamisil. I’m not even sure what they’re for. But they must have been for something I had often.

On Fri, I threw away a bottle of Tiger balm oil I bought when the kids were toddlers. It’s good for stomach aches.

On 27th April, I threw away Panadol caplets. They are smaller than normal panadol so easier to swallow. I bought them for Isa during that in-between time – when she was too old to take syrup medicine but adult tablets were too big to swallow.

On 26th April, I threw away some random pills. Can’t even remember what they’re for.

On 25th Tue, I threw away an old lipstick. My lipsticks last a long time because I seldom use them. After more than 4 years, they start to ‘sting’ my lips. That’s when I think maybe it’s time to throw it away.

55th day

Today I threw away a postcard I had saved for 25 years. It was the card I used to send invitations for my wedding. We were trying to save money and got married cheaply – I had a short white dress instead of long. We had a small Chinese tea ceremony in the afternoon. Our wedding dinner was in a Chinese restaurant for 20 people. I didn’t have ushers or girlfriends helping me plan or anything like that. And I bought 20 of these postcards to send invitations to friends.

Yesterday, I threw earphones which came with my Samsung phone about 4 years ago. I never used the ear phones so I recently gave them to my daughter who needed them. But when she wore them, she said she a bit of an electric shock. So I’m throwing them away.

On Sat 22nd April, I threw away a chair that’s so old the ‘skin’ on the back and seat was almost entirely peeled off. The reason why we kept it was because it was holding bags of stuff. The reason why I threw the chair was because I was expecting potential buyers of our house to see the place and I wanted to make the house look nice.

On 21st, I threw away wet wipes. I didn’t check if it was expired but the packaging was brown! So I figured it must be pretty old.

On 20th I threw away an unused tube of plastic wrap – the kind you wrap school books with. I had been keeping it for years because it was ‘sayang’ to throw it away. You never know when you might want to wrap books right? But since then, the school bookshop sold fitted plastic book wraps so I never needed this sheet and I was the one doing the wrapping anyway. And it was a chore having to measure and everything.

On Wed, the 50th day, I threw away anticeptic. Yes this was expired.

From 15th to 18th April, I threw away old unused xmas and birthday cards. I’m not planning  on sending cards to anyone except maybe my eldest in the next 1 year.

On 14th April, I threw away a cute set of He + She key rings which I got at a wedding dinner.

On 13th I threw away paper bags.

On 11th and 12th April, I threw away a red tumbler and a black water bottle. The red tumbler was one of those the kids get free from school which comes with a tooth brush to encourage them to brush their teeth. But no one uses the tumbler. As for the water bottle, we have at least 6 more in the cupboard!


38th day

Today I threw a Pepsi water bottle. Yesterday I threw away old foundation (make-up) that’s maybe 10 years old. The day before I threw away one of those free sachets of moisturiser. The day before that, I threw away an old hair dye stick.

Lost count of days

Today I threw an old Longines watch given to me in my early 20s by my 1st boyfriend. It’s not working anymore and it costs hundreds to repair.

Yesterday I threw some Victoria secrets buttons away. I don’t even remember buying Victoria secrets underwear! I guess I was saving them because the underwear (have no idea what or where they are) must have been precious.

On 1st April I threw away a collapsible brush – one of those free ones you get from a hotel.

On 31st March, I threw away a Spore merlion keychain.

30th day

Yesterday I threw away old reading glasses which I only used once because it was so unwieldy. Today I threw away an old unused Navy keychain which my daughter gave me. She got it when her school bussed them to a Navy career exhibition.