136th day

It’s a rainy day. My desk faces the outdoors and I’m one of the lucky few in Singapore who has a home with a lovely, greenery view. But not for long because I need to sell the house to move on.

Today I threw away old cheap paint brushes. Those that come free when you buy paint set for kids. I found them in my art box. I have an art box where I keep all my painting stuff.

In that same box, I found hardened glue which I threw yesterday.

On Wednesday, I gave away an unopened Glee board game. My sister gave it to my kids years ago, not knowing they don’t like Glee enough to want to relive it! Sorry sis.

On Tuesday, I gave away another unopened board game which my sis also gave. I felt  bad when they didn’t even bother to open it but I guess kids these days prefer online games. Still, it looks better when you give away things still in their original packaging.

On Monday 10th July, I threw away these old art templates. Someone gave them to the kids when they were kids and I just kept them because I thought they were cool.


On Sunday, I gave away unused postcards. I don’t send postcards anymore.

On Saturday, I threw out 2 pieces of spoilt but barely used correction tape. Teach me not to buy this brand anymore.

From 4th to 7th July I recycled 4 books – Saving fish from drowning, Following the wrong god home, Natural flights of the human mind and A suitable boy.



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