The elephant in the room

So. The reason why there’s such a big gap in between my posts is because I don’t have access to my computer on weekends and public holidays. There is an elephant in the study where my computer is. It goes to work on weekdays.

Today, the 125th day, I gave away one of my favourite blouses. It was cobalt blue, a soft knitted piece. The reason why I decided to give it away was because it was a bit low cut for me. In the last year, I have a problem wearing anything that’s more than 3 inches below my neck.

Yesterday I gave away a pair of syrup brown corduroy pants, hardly used. It was too tight for me.

On 1st July Sat, I threw away lip balm that’s probably expired because it was making my lips itchy.

On 30th June, I threw away an old coral lipstick. I have this tendency to not throw things until they’re finally used up or totally broken. I’ve had this lipstick for about 5 years and it’s only half used but it’s starting to make my lips itch so I figure it’s about time to get rid of it.

Speaking of using things till their broken, on Thur, Wed and Tue, I threw away 3 pairs of shoes.

3 pairs of shoes

The heel of a lovely new pair of black shoes keeps getting unglued. I’m fed up of glueing it back. I wore my blue uniqlo shoes till the soles cracked and there are holes in the front. The light blue shoes are so old, it discoloured.

From 22nd to 26th June, I recycled 5 t-shirts.

From Sat 17th June to 21st June, I recycled 5 Nora Roberts/JD Robb novels. I used to love her books, always waiting for the next to be out. But in the last few years, I don’t know, romance seems more like fantasy. Unreal. Still I’ve kept a few of my favourites. In case I start believing in romance again.

For 11th to 16th June, I recycled 6 Janet Evanovich books. Same reasons as above.

On 10th June, I recycled a quirky orange handbag which I bought in my 30s. I kept it for so long because it was still in good condition. I gave it away because I realised I’m not the same person anymore.


On the 9th of June I threw out a box of dried paint. I took up water colours in my early 40s. I should have guessed paints dry up.


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