100th day

Today I threw out Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I bought this maybe a decade ago for my husband. I wanted him to realise how men and women think differently. He never read it. Today is also my birthday.

Yesterday I gave away a book of Nigerian folk tales. There was a time in my mid 20s to mid 40s that I collected children’s books. I bought this in one of the 2nd hand bookshops in London. I love those shops! Could spend hours in them.

On the 6th, I gave away Agikuya folk tales. Living in Asia, African stories seem exotic. Sad to say, there was always something else I wanted to read so I never got round to read it.

On the 5th, I gave away a book about St Theresa of Avila. I feel bad doing this but I doubt I’d read it so might as well pass it to someone who will.

From 4th – 1st June, I gave away Unearthly, An abundance of Katherines, The inlet and A lick of Frost. I like young adult fiction though I’m no longer a young adult. I guess it lets me dream.

On Wed 31st May, I gave away a bridesmaid dress that I wore in my 20s. It’s a lovely violet dress in Thai silk. I kept thinking there’ll be another chance to wear it but it’s way too tight for me now!

From 30th to 23rd May, I threw away old winter clothes- a kids’ jacket, a low cut jumper, a stripy jumper, kids thermal, thermal pants, a pair of leather gloves that must have shrunk because I can’t put my hands in them anymore, a pair of washed out gloves and 1 single glove.

wedding dinner

On 22nd May I gave away the green dress I bought for my wedding more than 2 decades ago. It was very expensive and I looked very sophisticated in it. I had saved it hoping I would be slim enough to wear it again but alas, this is not going to happen.

On the 21st, I gave away an unused leather backpack my husband bought for me decades ago which I never used because the empty bag itself is too heavy.

On 19th and 20th, I threw away 2 half used miniature perfume. I have this thing about using something up before I discard it. But I took so long, these 2 bottles were literally decaying before my eyes.

On 18th May, I threw away colourful plastic hair clips. I bought them in my early 40s because they made me look young. Now at 55, I think they make me look demented.




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