78th day

Today, I threw away a jewelled hair clip which I used to use for formal functions. I normally didn’t have time (nor interest) to do much to my hair so it came really handy! Just clipping my hair at the back suddenly made me look a bit more glamourous. I bought it maybe 10 years ago. I haven’t used it in ages mainly because I haven’t gone out to such such functions in ages. Then the other day I noticed it looked tired. I could see the in-between parts were yellowing.

Yesterday I threw away an old thermal top. I bought this probably 1 -2 decades ago before Uniqlo existed! It’s woollen, heavy duty and still usable though a bit itchy. I was saving it in case we went on a winter holiday. There’s never enough thermals for all of us on a winter holiday. But I realise the kids will never wear it. And honestly, with Heat tech weighing 1/10th of this China made thermal, I don’t want to wear it too.

On 15th May, I threw away a yellow oriental pouch. I think I’ve only used it once but oriental design isn’t quite my style. By the way, when I say “throw away”, this includes recycling/donation to the poor.

oriental pouch
Oriental pouch

On 14th May, I threw away the fur trim of my kid’s winter jacket which I had already given away!

On 13th May, I got rid of another pair of old glasses.

The strange thing is all this minimising/throwing away is actually helping. A few nights ago, when I couldn’t sleep, I started thinking about what I could throw away. I visualised different parts of my house, the boxes in my attic to see what could be gotten rid of and the process was calming. I fell asleep thinking about it. Much better than counting sheep.


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