73rd day

Today I threw away 3 fridge magnets. They gave 10 to my daughter to sell when she was in the school but we only managed to sell 4. I kept 3 for the girls, 1 each.

Yesterday I threw away 2 clay decorative alphabets M and D – the kind you stick on bedroom doors. We bought these about 10 years ago when we still shopped as a family. We bought an alphabet for each of us including ‘M’ for our helper Mary but she didn’t want it. ‘D’ was meant for me but I didn’t know where to put it.

On Wednesday, I threw away an airline toothbrush. We have so many of these which I’ve been saving.

On the 70th day, Tuesday, I threw away 2 of those free hotel hair brushes which I’d also been saving. But none of my kids want them for their holidays.

On 8th May, I threw away a glass perfume bottle given to my eldest daughter which she has never wanted but which I kept because it was pretty.

On 7th May, I threw away a pretty clay angel statue. Again this was a gift to the same daughter. I guess she’s not much into decorations.

On 6th May, I threw away a bottle of shampoo I had left behind in a bathroom I no longer use.


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