66th day

Today I threw away an eyebrow remover thingy. I bought it maybe 5 years ago thinking it’ll be so easy to shape my brows but in the end I never used it because it looked so complicated.

Yesterday, I threw away this tube of moisturiser I purposely bought for a winter trip to New York maybe 6 years ago.

On Wed 3rd May I threw away a pink sleeveless singlet. I used to like wearing it because it made me feel sexy.

On Tue, I threw away a wallet which was probably more than 10 years old. It had mould on it. I used it for travelling so I wouldn’t have to empty whatever current wallet I was using.

On 1st May, I threw away Calamine lotion I bought for Isa when she was about 9 or 10. During those days, haha even now, her skin is terribly sensitive and she’d get rashes often.

On Sunday, I threw away insect repellant that was almost used up.

On 29th April, the 60th day, I threw away 2 tubes of Lamisil. I’m not even sure what they’re for. But they must have been for something I had often.

On Fri, I threw away a bottle of Tiger balm oil I bought when the kids were toddlers. It’s good for stomach aches.

On 27th April, I threw away Panadol caplets. They are smaller than normal panadol so easier to swallow. I bought them for Isa during that in-between time – when she was too old to take syrup medicine but adult tablets were too big to swallow.

On 26th April, I threw away some random pills. Can’t even remember what they’re for.

On 25th Tue, I threw away an old lipstick. My lipsticks last a long time because I seldom use them. After more than 4 years, they start to ‘sting’ my lips. That’s when I think maybe it’s time to throw it away.


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