55th day

Today I threw away a postcard I had saved for 25 years. It was the card I used to send invitations for my wedding. We were trying to save money and got married cheaply – I had a short white dress instead of long. We had a small Chinese tea ceremony in the afternoon. Our wedding dinner was in a Chinese restaurant for 20 people. I didn’t have ushers or girlfriends helping me plan or anything like that. And I bought 20 of these postcards to send invitations to friends.

Yesterday, I threw earphones which came with my Samsung phone about 4 years ago. I never used the ear phones so I recently gave them to my daughter who needed them. But when she wore them, she said she a bit of an electric shock. So I’m throwing them away.

On Sat 22nd April, I threw away a chair that’s so old the ‘skin’ on the back and seat was almost entirely peeled off. The reason why we kept it was because it was holding bags of stuff. The reason why I threw the chair was because I was expecting potential buyers of our house to see the place and I wanted to make the house look nice.

On 21st, I threw away wet wipes. I didn’t check if it was expired but the packaging was brown! So I figured it must be pretty old.

On 20th I threw away an unused tube of plastic wrap – the kind you wrap school books with. I had been keeping it for years because it was ‘sayang’ to throw it away. You never know when you might want to wrap books right? But since then, the school bookshop sold fitted plastic book wraps so I never needed this sheet and I was the one doing the wrapping anyway. And it was a chore having to measure and everything.

On Wed, the 50th day, I threw away anticeptic. Yes this was expired.

From 15th to 18th April, I threw away old unused xmas and birthday cards. I’m not planning  on sending cards to anyone except maybe my eldest in the next 1 year.

On 14th April, I threw away a cute set of He + She key rings which I got at a wedding dinner.

On 13th I threw away paper bags.

On 11th and 12th April, I threw away a red tumbler and a black water bottle. The red tumbler was one of those the kids get free from school which comes with a tooth brush to encourage them to brush their teeth. But no one uses the tumbler. As for the water bottle, we have at least 6 more in the cupboard!



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